Atomic Beam Glove
Atomic Beam Glove
Atomic Beam Glove
Atomic Beam Glove

Atomic Beam Glove

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If you are on NIGHT-SHIFT all the time or constantly working in dark areas, SAFETY is always the number one factor while doing your job either in a construction site, going camping, or even night fishing, it has a bright LED flashlight that increases the visibility while working at the same time your hands are free without even needing to hold a flashlight. This is a MUST have tool if you are working in the dark to increase your SAFETY and your loved ones.

Features and Specifications

☑️ Waterproof

☑️ Size: Forefinger about 1.77" Thumb about 1.38" the distance between two fingers about 2.76"

☑️ Comfortable to wear with no sense of restraint

☑️ Can be worn with another pair of gloves inside it when in cold

☑️ High brightness LED provides more convenience to your night 

☑️ Quality Spandex, Cotton material