Mobile Luminous™️
Mobile Luminous™️
Mobile Luminous™️
Mobile Luminous™️
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Mobile Luminous™️

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A Portable Soft-light For Better Photos Video Leading Smartphone Tablet

  • On a film set, when lighting for beauty shots, cinematographers use the biggest, softest lights we have, to make actors and models look their best.


    A big light wraps gently around features on the face, and a soft light evens out skin tone and diffuses any hard shadows - so bumps and creases disappear.

    Created by Australian film professionals and based on these lighting principles,  is a mobile, high quality, bi-color LED soft panel that delivers stunning diffused lighting for better photos, videos and video calls on all your devices.
  • Universal clip fits all leading smartphone, tablet and laptop brands.
    Shoe mount with 1/4"-20 thread fits all cameras, tripods and light stands.
    Adhesive Mount for computer monitors and other general surfaces.
  • Make sure you always look your best with soft bright mobile lighting.
  • with a variety of different ways to mount , you can use it all sorts of different places for all sorts of different purposes.
  • Simple 2 button function - for a combination of 9 different light settings:

    Button 1 - Power On & Brightness Adjust - LOW - MID - MAX.

    Button 2 - 3 Colour Temperature Setting - DAYLIGHT - CLEAN WHITE - TUNGSTEN.
  • Match the lighting in your surroundings with the variable color temperatures. Cooler daylight for scenes lit by the sun. Tungsten for indoors with warmer light globes. Clean White for when there is a mix in the scene, or those times when you're not quite sure.
  • Control your lighting angle by up to 45 degrees with the rotating barrel connector built into all accessory mounts.


Package Includes:

  • 1 X Mobile Luminous™️